How To Kickstart A Career In Graphic Designing By Learning Adobe Photoshop

Since the advent of Adobe Photoshop in the last century, monumental changes have happened in the field of visual arts and media. From being a mere exhibitor of monochrome displays, Adobe Photoshop is spearheading the field of digital aesthetics by being of tremendous value to those in the field of designing. But how to learn Photoshop and what are its benefits in the graphic design domain? Let’s have a look below:

What is Adobe Photoshop?

See how flawless celebrities look on their social media handles? That, right there, is the magic of Photoshop. 

Adobe Photoshop is a graphic designing software where you can do multifarious tasks of editing, retouching, image manipulation, and so on. There are about thirteen versions of Photoshop with Photoshop 2021 (version 22.3) being the latest one.
If you’re a budding graphic designer then learning Photoshop can add tremendous strength to your career. 

  1. Freelance graphic designer: the visual arts industry is taking to more tech-savvy ways of creative expression. The more you master the skills of Photoshop, the more your prospects for finding freelancing work will increase.
  1. Become an entrepreneur: learning photoshop opens many doors of possibilities in the online world. By using your Photoshop skills, you can start your own website and start selling your services like – product designing, brochure/flyer designing, etc.    
  1. Social media marketing: there’s never a dearth of opportunities for creative minds on social media. Many businesses have taken to social media during the current pandemic where your graphic designing skills could come in handy. You can design attractive and competitive marketing content like – email marketing, telemarketing, print marketing, etc. for various brands.
  1. The film & television industry: this is where Photoshop is used in a heavy capacity on a daily basis to make the content more appealing to the audience. Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Jurassic Park are all galvanized products of animation and Photoshop. From designing creative movie titles to posters and special effects, the film industry is Photoshop-intensive where the prospects in graphic design go a long way. 
  1. Packaging Designer: Brands are always upbeat to make their packaging like cartons and products more appealing to their audience. A graphic designer with a background in Photoshop could meet a company’s objectives using his/her skills to make the packaging more audience-specific and attractive to users.

Where to learn Adobe Photoshop?

Are you still shrouded in questions like how to learn Photoshop, how to learn graphic designing, how to become a graphic designer in India, or where to take Photoshop classes for beginners?

Don’t worry, because platforms like BitClass have curated courses for budding graphic designers where you can learn Photoshop online. BitClass is a comprehensive one-stop solution where you can take online courses in India and learn live about your intended areas of interest. 

The world of graphic designing is so versatile that your imagination and creativity can literally take you places. So quit worrying about your future and move closer to a chance at a more holistic career by learning Adobe Photoshop online here.

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