5 Benefits of Using Google AdWords To Grow Your Business

When you Google ‘pizza’, it shows you almost a gazillion pizza outlet advertisements. Where do they all come from? Well, companies are always in an unabating race with each other when it comes to marketing. One very effective way to do so is through Google AdWords. But what is Google Ads and how can you grow your business with it, let’s explore.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is the leading platform for most digital marketing strategies, employed by companies to advertise their business expansively. It’s a pay-per-click online advertising platform where businesses pay for their ads to rank on top of the search results page.

How does Google Ads function?

Digital marketing and Google Ads are so inextricable, that you don’t have to think twice before using them. The concept is purely keyword-centric where advertisers bid on the most relevant keywords to their business. Every time a user clicks on the ad, the advertiser has to pay a small fee to Google (meaning, pay-per-click).

So what exactly should be the first step in creating an online business strategy? Well, if not the first, Google AdWords is definitely at the nub of almost every successful business. See below how you can engineer your way to success with Google display ads:

  1. Target audience by narrowing down their demands. Determine their age group, profession, location, intent, etc. Also, choose specific times and days to run your ads. For example, you can run them on weekends from 8 am to 8 pm when most people are free and available online. 
  1. When looking to advertise a new business online, what is one of the major benefits of display ads? Well, Google AdWords lets you boost traffic and clicks with display ads that help you to be found on the map very easily. For large advertisers running more than one Google Ads account, using Google Ads account manager can be a better option. 
  1. Google has clubbed its good-old Gmail ads with Google AdWords which helps you reach an expansive customer base through their inbox. You can regularly customize your ad campaigns based on the search history of a customer and send them exciting offers and incentives via mail.
  1. Suppose you run a shoe brand and you had a visitor who wanted to buy heels but left without purchasing. AdWords will let you reconnect with them via remarketing lists for search ads. Now, every time they would search for a similar product on the search network, your brand would pop-up and increase your chances of making sales. 
  1. You can consistently monitor how well your ad campaign is doing. Tug up your sales by measuring:
  • How many times someone clicked on your ad
  • Which keyword generated the most traffic
  • How many pages visited, etc.  

Measuring your returns on investment from traditional media is expensive, whereas, AdWords lets you do the same for a lesser cost.

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